Kendi Ashitiva (President and Founder)

Is an alumni of Moi University, and currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology and Counseling at Daystar University. She is truly passionate about raising a generation of young women into excellence,godliness and sexual purity. She believes that true sexual purity can only be found at the cross of Jesus Christ, and that Purity is not found in what we do but in who we are in Christ. She desires to raise women who are aware of how forgiven they are of their sexual past and it is from this freedom from the past that we make choices to walk in PURITY. Purity is FREEDOM; freedom from guilt, from shame, and she desires to raise Purity girls, Purity brides, Purity wives and finally Purity mums.


Kendi is a mother, a wife and she enjoys a good cup of masala tea with the girls over a good conversation, watching a movie with her husband Nelson, and a catching a nap with her son Nigel among other little pleasures of this life.


She fellowships at Hekima Centre Nairobi, under the Leadership of Pastor Arnold Orono.

Mugeci Githaiga (Trustee)

Holds an M.Sc in Information Systems from Strathmore University. She is a young born-again woman living by the grace of God, whose calling is in business and ministry. She currently works as an Operations Manager at the Doulos School of Excellence, Deliverance Church- Umoja, helping young people unlock their potential and cultivate the virtue of servant-leadership.


Her passion is in working with young people; helping them know their identity in Christ, discover their purpose and calling, and seeing them walk in it. She loves dancing, reading books, and in her spare time; hiking and going for expeditions. “As Christ works in me, I want to pour out my life into the younger generation, to the glory and honor of His name.”


Mugeci fellowships at Delivarance Church- Umoja.

Doreen Zaki (Trustee)

Having graduated from City University- London, UK; with a degree in Actuarial Science. Doreen works in Investment Banking where her specialty is in Derivatives and Alternative Investment. She has a passion for young girls and desires for them to walk in purity and set their foundation on the solid rock which is our Lord Jesus Christ.


Doreen is married, and has a lovely, young daughter. She enjoys travelling, reading, swimming and spending quality time with family and friends. Her favorite quote is "Our character is what we do when we think no on else is looking".


She fellowships at International Christian Centre (ICC) Nairobi, Kenya.


Shiru Macharia (Trustee)

Is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Daystar University. She is an interior design consultant by profession and she loves all things colorful. She is passionate about reaching out to women and impacting them with the word of God based on Titus 2:3-5, Proverbs 31 and impacting the purity wife with God based knowledge on finding herself, forgiving herself, loving herself and enjoying marriage.


Shiru is outgoing, loves shopping and hanging out with friends. She is married to David Macharia, an IT engineer. Together they serve in the marriage ministry Ndoa at their Mavuno church.


Jacqueline Kalekye Odanga (Trustee)

“Am thankful to God for sending me to earth as a woman!! I would not want it any other way”.


Jacqueline Kalekye Odanga is a woman saved by Grace and living by Faith. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and a PURITY WOMAN! Her purpose in life is to teach and disciple younger women, according to Titus 2:3-5 on which The Purity Foundation is based on. She believes that Women are special people created by God for a purpose only women can accomplish. "If all women found their self-worth in GOD we would heal the world."


She is married to Reuben Odanga and a mother to Cristian Odanga. Jackie as she is fondly referred to by friends fellowships at The Nairobi Chapel, Ngong’ road.